Somewhere, my 3YO son G picked up the word “whatever.” At first, it was funny, this miniature person with big blue eyes and blonde bangs uttering a totally adult and world-weary word. Whatever. Then came the repetition, of course, and the misuse of the word, although it could still be funny when he accidentally got the right context. Then his mother made the mistake of telling him what it actually meant. I was caught blindsided.

“I love you,” I told him, casually and offhand, on a recent afternoon. “Whatever,” he said, drawing out the last syllable. “That means I don’t care, and I don’t care.”

I try not to let these slights bother me, but they always sting just a little. I should be numb to them by now, as often as G hands them out. In addition to “whatever,” his most used insult is the word “boring.” This morning, around 5am, as we laid in bed he shifted and the bed creaked when the toddler started to talk. “Daddy, I don’t like you,” he said. “You’re boring.” Like a slap in the face, not too hard, just enough to chastise. He went back to snoring as I shook my head and rolled over. Whatever.


One Comment on “Whatever”

  1. Ryan says:

    My 3yo big into “get a life”

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